Beacon Secure Systems supports 2 primary “Personal Emergency Response Systems” (PERS):


  1. Numera Libris (by Nortek) – This pendant device lets your family member be completely mobile on the Rogers cellular network in Canada. The device uses GPS and Network Location services to provide Emergency Medical
    Teams with an approximate location and location history in the event the user cannot speak on the 2-way pendant. The Libris has the most advanced fall detection system using input from mutliple motion sensors and algorithms. The Libris can notify the monitoring centre of a fall even when the user is unable to pdownloadush their emergency button.
  2. Life Sentry – This pendant style device is a home-based unit that plugs into your existing phone line at its base station. The pendant is capable of making 2-way voice calls through a wireless signal to and from the base station. This system does not have fall detection.

Pricing varies depending on purchase vs. lease of the equipment but the Numera Libris can be as low as $39.99. The Life Sentry system can be as low as $29.99.

There are no shipping costs or complicated return processes – we come right to your door and set everything up. If there is a problem with one of the devices, we come back to your home to make sure it is functioning properly. That is what you can expect when you choose a local provider like Beacon.